Hartford Fair Poultry Plan set

Most Delaware County 4-H Club and FFA members exhibit projects at the Delaware County Fair. Eastern Delaware County 4-H Club and FFA members residing in Harlem, Trenton, Porter and Berkshire townships are also eligible to exhibit projects at the Hartford Independent Fair, held this year from August 9 through August 15.

Adaptations have been made to the Hartford Fair Poultry Department plans as a result of the ban of poultry exhibitions announced by the Ohio Department of Agriculture on June 2. The Hartford Senior Fair Board, Licking County 4-H Rabbit & Poultry Committee and the OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development Program in Licking County have approved alternative activities and events.

A Poultry Skillathon will be held without live birds at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, August 11, at the Poultry Barn. The single overall highest scored Poultry Exhibitor during the Poultry Skillathon will represent the Poultry species during the Super Showmanship Contest that will take place at 9 a.m. on Friday, August 14, in the Grubb Arena.

All poultry members will be expected to bring their completed Poultry project book with them to judging, with the only exception being made for Meat Chicken and Meat Duck exhibitors.

Complete project books will contain complete and accurate records along with supporting materials such as project photos, receipts and other documentation demonstrating the activities and learning that took place during the project. One book must be completed for each project in which the member is enrolled.

Because Meat Chicken and Duck exhibitors did not receive their poultry pool bird orders, they will be expected to bring a 22-inch by 28-inch portrait layout poster in place of their book. One poster must be completed for each project in which the member is enrolled.

The poster should include a display representing a topic that the member has studied as a part of their project work, in place of the project book. Posters may be displayed in the Rabbit & Poultry Barn, at the member’s discretion.

Also available is the Build-a-Bird Contest, a Poster Contest and Rooster Crowing Contest.

Market Poultry Exhibitors without other market livestock entries will be eligible to benefit from the Small Animal Sale. Four-dozen eggs will be auctioned off during the Small Animal Sale, with the proceeds being divided equally among those exhibitors who are eligible.

Market Poultry Exhibitors who make entry of other market livestock projects will be expected to take advantage of those other opportunities to participate in a Junior Fair sale.

“The primary focus of these organizations was, is, and will continue to be that learning opportunities are made available to all Junior Fair exhibitors, regardless of emerging issues

within their respective agricultural industries,” said Lisa McCutcheon, Licking County Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development.

The Licking County 4-H Youth Development Program serves over 4,200 youth through community clubs, school programs and camp activities with the assistance of more than 530 adult and teen volunteers.

For additional information about the impact of the ODA ban on exhibiting live bird projects at the Hartford Independent Fair, go to < licking.osu.edu > and click 4-H Youth Development. On the right side of the page click 4-H & FFA Poultry Project Completion Information; and then click 2015 Hartford Independent Fair 4-H & FFA Poultry Project Plan.

For additional information about the Hartford Independent Fair go to < hartfordfair.com >.