Vets thank Sunbury for recognition

The 2015 Village of Sunbury Independence Day Parade honored Vietnam Era Veterans. Parade organizer Donna Evans said the parade honorees never received the recognition they should have when they returned from deployment over 40 years ago.

Close to 75 Vietnam Vet’s received that recognition on Saturday, July 4, in Sunbury as they travelled through the parade route where folks stood, cheered and applauded.

Several of the vet’s emailed Evans following the parade, thanking the Big Walnut community for finally welcoming them home.

Vietnam Vet Kenneth Shears wrote in an email to Evans that Sunbury’s parade is something that he will remember forever. “I was overwhelmed with the turnout of people, it was like every man, woman and child in the Sunbury community and the surrounding area was there,” Shears wrote. “The parade and the people made me very proud to be there. Tears came to my eyes more than once during the parade. It made me wonder how different some Vietnam Veterans lives may have been if we had that kind of homecoming when we came home.”

Shears wrote that all of the hurt, disappointment and sadness that felt over the years of the way Vietnam Veterans were treated when they came home faded from his heart during Sunbury’s parade.

“For that I am eternally grateful,” Shears wrote. “I owe that to you, your community, and everyone involved in the parade. The 4th of July parade 2015 will be etched in my memory forever. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience, and God Bless America.”

Vietnam Vet Chuck Davidson wrote that he was taken by all the people that stood, cheered and applauded for the Vietnam Vets.

“I had another Vietnam Vet with me and his wife,” Davidson wrote. “My girlfriend was in the back seat of the truck crying because she was so moved. Thanks again, and for asking us to come back next year.”