Youth health feature Photovoice to premier at Strand

Over the last several months, Delaware County youth took to their communities to capture what they thought represented good and bad health through use of photos. The result has been compiled into a feature presentation, the 2015 Delaware County Youth Photovoice Project, which will premiere at The Strand Theatre on Aug. 5 at 6 p.m.

Youth participants, their families and community agencies are invited to view the 2015 Delaware County Youth Photovoice Project and hear about how this innovative project truly gives the county’s youth a voice about the strengths and weaknesses of their community as it relates to health.

Facilitated by the Delaware General Health District and HelpLine of Delaware and Morrow Counties, Inc., 24 youths representing grades six-12 participated in a two-part focus group during April and May. In small group settings, youth discussed the following items:

• What defines a community

• How is health defined

• Where does health (or an absence of) exist in our community

The Photovoice Project was used as a method of gathering information for the first stage of the 2015 Youth Health Assessment (YHA). Using other methods, such as parent surveys, in collaboration with the Family and Children First Council of Delaware County (FCFC) will assess the data once it is collected. The FCFC will then review all of the data collected and determine which top health issues are facing Delaware County youth. Action plans will then be created to help improve the health issues chosen as the top priorities.