Two Views of the Tax Bill Passage


O’Brien Statement on Passage of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Delaware, OH – Ohio 12th Congressional District Candidate and Delaware County Prosecutor Carol O’Brien released the following statement on the passage of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

“This is a landmark, once-in-a-generation reform bill that corrects a flawed tax system that has burdened the American taxpayer for over 30 years. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will help working families by allowing them to pay less in federal taxes, and keep more of their own hard-earned money,” said O’Brien.

“This legislation also levels the playing field in the global marketplace, boosting the growth potential of our small businesses, and enticing businesses to return to the United States and employ more hard-working American men and women,” she continued.

“I applaud Congressman Tiberi, the Members of the Ohio delegation, and all of those in Congress who fought to ensure this bill reaches the President’s desk, and is signed into law.”

Ohio Public Utilities Commission Chairman Asim Haque statement on tax bill passage

COLUMBUS, OHIO (Dec. 20, 2017) – The following statement can be attributed to PUCO Chairman Asim Z. Haque regarding the recent passage of the federal tax bill, House Representatives 1 – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

“The Commission intends to open a proceeding in early 2018 to study the impacts of the recently passed federal tax reform bill on consumers and Ohio’s regulated utilities. As with any Commission proceeding, we looking forward to hearing from stakeholders and the public.”

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is the sole agency charged with regulating public utility service. The role of the PUCO is to assure all residential, business and industrial consumers have access to adequate, safe and reliable utility services at fair prices while facilitating an environment that provides competitive choices. Consumers with utility-related questions or concerns can call the PUCO Call Center at (800) 686-PUCO (7826) and speak with a representative.