Honoring Dr. King’s Legacy


Last year, thanks to the invitation of Rev. Bernice King, I had the privilege of celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. at the King Center in Atlanta. It was one of the great experiences of my lifetime. It was so moving to be in the house where Dr. King was raised and to walk the street that he walked.

Today, at a time of such great dissension, Dr. King’s legacy is a reminder that regardless of current political leaders, we can all make a difference. I believe Dr. King was concerned about we are doing for our neighbors, for the people who live next door.

What’s really important is that we all work to make a difference. Frankly, the difference that each one of us makes to improve the lives of those around us can change the arc of the universe. Each one of us can make a difference and we must.

Dr. King was a minister. As a person of faith, I believe that we are here to reflect the glory of God. When we help others and give them a chance to realize the purpose of their destiny, we are reflecting the glory of God the same way Dr. King did his entire lifetime.

Much of the media attention recently has focused on the President’s absurd and hate-filled comments about other nations around the world. These comments were disheartening and deserve to be condemned.

At the same time, there is a looming deadline to find a DACA fix that threatens hundreds of thousands of families.

Roughly 800,000 young adults were brought to this country as little children and are threatened with deportation to countries that will be foreign to them, and in many instances, they will be sent to war-torn nations where they will face very real dangers.

These are real people with real families whose lives are rooted here. They’ve been positively contributing to America – their home.

The America I know has compassion for these families. The Republican Party is better than the President’s recent comments. We must DEMAND reasonable, common-sense and compassionate action from our elected leaders in Washington.

John Kasich