Thanks for Backing the Blue


I want to share with you a message I sent out yesterday (Feb. 12) on our Facebook page:

Sometimes it takes the worst of times to show the best of humanity.

I just returned from the procession to bring Officers Morelli and Joering back home to Westerville and as expected the outpouring of support from Central Ohio was unbelievable. The streets and roads were lined with people all the way from Westerville to OSU and back and the officers families and fellow officers saw all of you.

We saw the salutes, hands over hearts, flags, and genuine respect for those officers who laid down their lives to protect others. We know you stood out in the cold for a long time to show that respect and it is greatly appreciated.

The Westerville and Genoa Township communities are amazing and both police departments have been showered with support during this difficult time. Many of our officers were friends with the fallen officers and their families, but while they grieve, they are still out patrolling both Genoa and Westerville to help out.

I’ve been through this too many times in my 40 year police career and it’s always terrible but your support helps all these officers move forward.

Thank you,

Chief Steve Gammill

Genoa Township Police Department