Writers support SourcePoint


Dear Editor,

Until I became a SourcePoint medical transportation volunteer, I had no idea how many services the building on Cheshire Road provided for senior citizens. The Delaware County residents I drive are so grateful for everything SourcePoint provides.

Seniors in our county have access to a wide range of services, including medical and nutritional support, Medicare counseling, social and enrichment opportunities, and other help that allows them to live independently in their own homes.

A healthy senior population benefits all of Delaware County. I wish my elderly parents in Pennsylvania had access to the wonderful services our local levy helps provide.

Please support the May 8 senior services levy to continue the great work.

Diane Gearinger


Dear Editor,

Medicare can be very confusing. It seems like the rules and options keep changing, and making a mistake can be costly. We were very fortunate to use the Medicare services provided by SourcePoint for advice and assistance. Even though we had resources provided by one of our retirement plans, we chose to use SourcePoint because of their personal touch in the process.

The insurance counselors at SourcePoint are friendly and very knowledgeable about the Medicare program, advantage plans, supplemental insurance options, and the prescription drug program with all of its variations.

SourcePoint counselors are an independent source of up-to-date information and they don’t have a financial stake in the plans you pick, therefore they are objective. They only want our choice to be the best plan for us that meets our needs and resources.

We attended a “New to Medicare” class, as well as a plan comparison works hop and found both to be helpful. This wonderful service is made possible by the local senior services levy. The levy has to be renewed every five years and it will be on the ballot again in May.

The peace of mind we received from this one service and the money that we have saved far outweighs the small cost of this levy. Please vote “Yes” for this important levy and help keep the care going.


Mr. & Mrs. Bob Schmidt


Dear Editor,

I urge Delaware County voters to support the senior services levy for SourcePoint.

As someone whose lifelong career has been spent advocating for seniors, I see firsthand how essential this funding is to the welfare of older adults in our community.

This nonprofit organization works to keep seniors independent and out of nursing homes for as long as possible, helping them stay safe and cared for at home with services, such as delivered meals, help with bathing and grooming, safety checks, and more.

What’s more, SourcePoint offers hundreds of our older friends opportunities for social engagement, education, group travel, and, for some, a reason to get up in the morning.

Since 1992, SourcePoint has proudly served as a model for senior programs across the nation. It is a prime reason Delaware County is seen as a great place to grow old.

The levy that will be on the ballot May 8 is largely a renewal, with a small increase that will allow them to keep up with Delaware County’s growing senior population — just $3.50 per year per $100,000 of valuation. We are fortunate to have this stellar senior program so readily available for older adults across Delaware County.

I heartily endorse the levy, and ask that you give it your “yes” vote May 8.


Larry A. Harris, CEO

Willow Brook Christian Communities