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Sunbury News Staff Report

If you’re familiar with The Sunbury News, thank you. If you’re a past or present subscriber, bless you. And if you’ve never heard of us, we welcome you to your local newspaper.

For 141 years, The Sunbury News has served the Village of Sunbury (soon to become a city following the 2020 census) and the now-booming eastern Delaware County. As a weekly, we’ve seen many changes over the years, and 2018 is no exception. With this edition, we’ll move from Thursdays to Saturdays, and we’ll be included in The Bag for the area. We’ll soon announce places where you can get the paper, as well.

In these pages, you’ll find mostly Local News, Local Views and Local Sports. What do we mean by this motto?

Local News: We’ll focus on news and feature stories emanating out of Sunbury, Galena, the townships in the eastern half of the county, as well as the Big Walnut Local School District. Reader feedback indicates that’s what you want, and we’ll try to give that to you. From time to time, though, we may write about neighboring communities if we think it may be of interest to our readers. For example, this week we have a story about a Dollar Tree distribution center coming to Morrow County that will bring 400 jobs to the area, as well as other new developments coming to central Ohio.

The Sunbury News will have exclusive content since it is a weekly. In addition, we are a sister publication of The Delaware Gazette, which publishes six days a week. Therefore, you may see some of our stories in The Gazette before you do in Sunbury, as well as on our website (www.sunburynews.com), our Facebook page (please like us) and even Twitter posts.

If a story in The Gazette is particularly relevant to our readers, we’ll include it either as-is, or update it as needed. We are owned by a company that has similar local newspapers in Ohio, Indiana and Texas. On a rare occasion, we may run a story from one of these papers if we think it’s of interest (for example, Ohio River flooding). We also subscribe to Associated Press, so you may see stories on the Buckeyes, politics from the Statehouse, or another publication’s opinion on the opioid crisis.

Local Views: We’ll focus on running opinion pieces from local contributing columnists (such as Pastor Stephen Howard), guest columnists (Ohio Governor John Kasich) and use Ohio-based editorial cartoonists. Again, we may go outside the box from time to time if we think it might be thought-provoking. Just because we publish it, don’t think that means we agree with it, either. Based on your feedback, we’ll try to keep things light, and not upset people who are easily offended, but that’s not always possible. If this week’s cartoon bothers you, hopefully you’ll like next week’s.

Every newspaper has been accused of having a bias, and we’re no different. So what are our positions, you may ask? The short answer is to paraphrase the comedian Chris Rock: We’re conservative on some things, and we’re liberal on some things. We are amused by people who are liberal on everything, just as we are amused by those who are conservative on everything. We don’t care who wins or loses, we just want things to go well. You can bet that regardless of which party occupies the White House or the Statehouse, we’ll find things to be critical of. We may jump on our soapbox and expound on specifics if we’re sufficiently riled up, but generally, we’re content to let policymakers and pundits have their say on the issues of the day. We’ll also run your letters in favor or opposition.

Local Sports: We’ll focus on stories about Big Walnut High School athletics, local colleges such as Otterbein, Ohio Wesleyan and Ohio State, and the outdoors. Since Delaware County and Ohio in general is blessed with so many paved and unpaved trails, we’ll attempt a Day Hiking column that will run in sports and let readers know about local walkways. You’re less likely to see something on who won the Super Bowl, unless there’s a local connection, of course.

You may also see new features from time to time. For example, last week we ran Kid Scoop, the beginning of us bringing back the Newspapers in Education program. We are in need of sponsors to help with that initiative. If interested, please contact Denise J. Hill, Advertising Director/Market Manager, 740-413-0897, Ext 1696 or dhill@aimmediamidwest.com

We may also add a weekly weather graphic specific to Sunbury.

On social media, we may run some consumer- and travel-related pieces that have been submitted to us and we think may be helpful to readers. The website and Facebook page is updated daily.

What else can be in The Sunbury News? We love to run announcements, such as the 50th anniversary of Sunbury sweethearts Jackie and Larry Watt, that ran last week. Births, engagements, events, sales, weddings, graduations, deployments, new businesses, donations and congratulations are among the things we like to run. We’re also open to your feedback. Among other things, we’d like to know whether our readers want more stories regarding Buckeye Valley and Olentangy Local Schools, given that each district reaches into eastern Delaware County. You may send your announcements, comments and concerns to Gary Budzak, the Managing Editor, at gbudzak@aimmediamidwest.com.

Lastly, we want you to know that our parent company is devoting more resources to The Sunbury News, so you’ll be seeing us more often around town. We want to know your story ideas and what you like about living in Sunbury, and we’ll try to bring that same spirit to our pages.


Sunbury News Staff Report