Enjoy Some Peace and Routine


By Glenn Mollette - Guest Columnist

It’s easy to get tired of the same routine.

The human body is awesome but disease, old age and unfortunate events can take us out of this world easily. Our health and our family and friends are the best of life. Hug them, love them and be very kind to them. You may not have them next year and you’ll be glad you cherished them. Hopefully everyone will sit around the table and talk about what a kind and loving person you were…or maybe they won’t. Don’t take the chance; turn up your kindness, love and thoughtfulness this year.

You don’t have to shower people with gifts. Gifts are nice and it helps the economy but most people just need a little love and a few kind words. A little affirmation and appreciation always go a long way. Make a list of people you need to call, send a kind email to or visit in person.

My wife and I love going to see a lady in our town. She is 95 years old and still very independent. She is a greeter at her church, gardens and drives wherever she wants to go. She visits people in the nursing home who are 15-20 years younger. She is an easy person to visit because she always inspires us and makes us laugh. She is always kind, never grumpy and has a sweet spirit about life. She exercises every day and eats her vegetables. She is our mentor and we want to be just like her. Therefore, be kind, eliminate grumpiness and be sweeter. People might want to come and spend a little time with you. We always take her a little something when we go to see her, something simple. You would think we had taken her a bar of gold or diamonds because she is always so appreciative and grateful.

We need people in our lives because life is not that exciting staring at walls for 24 hours a day. This is what happens to people in nursing homes so often.

Life is filled with problems. How are you going to deal with it and move forward? Sometimes there is no answer to life’s problems except to work over or around them.

Also, be further blessed with a lot of routine.


By Glenn Mollette

Guest Columnist

Editor’s note: This column originally appeared at Christmas and has been modified.

Editor’s note: This column originally appeared at Christmas and has been modified.