Trump won, get over it


Dear Editor,

Liberals sure are having a tough time trying to get their bearings with the American people after Donald Trump’s resounding victory over Hillary Clinton in the last election. Now, I realize progressives are soothing themselves with the fact that Hillary won the popular vote by nearly three million votes. But who cares, it is the Electoral College that matters.

Donald Trump won in “fly-over country.” Conversely, Hillary Clinton won in two areas: California and New York.

This is exactly how the Founding Fathers wanted the Electoral College implemented as to not give highly-populous, urban areas too much influence in a Presidential election.

If we did not have the Electoral College, as most progressives would like, then we would see candidates campaign in a totally different manner. In other words, presidential candidates would campaign in the East and West coasts and the rest of the country would not matter.

God bless the Electoral College!

Rob Kessler