CNN correct to can chatty Kathy


We applaud CNN’s recent firing of occasional commentator Kathy Griffin, not because of her liberal views nor for her humor, but for her poor judgment in posing with a photo that has her holding the bloodied and severed head of Donald Trump.

Griffin is a frequent critic of President Trump, and that’s fine. Anyone in the daunting position of Commander-in-Chief will hear from all quarters — from the enlightened and the informed to the peanut gallery. Every move is scrutinized — from riding in a golf cart when others walk, to the length of his handshakes; every word is parsed for meaning and what it might be code for. There are names for it: everyone is a critic, a backseat driver, a Monday morning quarterback. This is as it should be, and gives plenty of folks employment and enjoyment.

Griffin’s comedy is similar to the practice of political punditry — in her case, a running joke on the foibles of celebrities. She identifies her targets by actual name, to our delight. Often we’re laughing with her, because her obsession with the beautiful people and their habits is awfully familiar to our own self-absorbed concerns.

However, a line is crossed when opposition meets dark fantasy, and what may be an attempt at humor looks like a terrorist act. It doesn’t matter whether the offense is committed by Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative: It is unchristian and uncool, and worthy of censure.