What if GOP had picked Kasich?

Do Republicans regret their choice yet?

By Doug Clark

Greensboro News & Record

I can’t help wondering how much Republicans would be getting done right now if they had a normal president.

They certainly could have, but they wanted someone who would disrupt the status quo. They’ve got it, and look where we are:

  • The failure, so far, of Obamacare repeal and replace.
  • No other major legislation enacted.
  • Foreign policy in disarray.
  • An ill-conceived “travel ban” being argued in the courts.
  • The FBI director fired.
  • An apparent war between the president and his own intelligence agencies.
  • And, of course, the Russia scandal.

Let’s suppose Republicans had nominated Ohio Gov. John Kasich, an experienced, successful politician and a man of good character.

He would take a bipartisan approach to health-care reform and likely would achieve something that’s actually better than Obamacare that most Republicans and Democrats alike could support.

He also could assemble a bipartisan coalition to tackle tax reform and infrastructure improvement.

He might encourage comprehensive immigration reform, not an arrest-and-deport-everyone campaign.

He wouldn’t confuse our international allies but would conduct foreign policy in a manner consistent with U.S. principles in place since World War II.

There would still be investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, but it’s highly doubtful that his campaign would have colluded with the Russians as it now appears the Trump campaign did, or attempted to do. The Trump presidency will be dogged and ultimately threatened by the expanding investigations into very troubling behavior.

Republican members of Congress seem willing to accept almost anything the Trump administration does in hopes that they can enact their legislative agenda. But the antics of a most abnormal president are holding back GOP progress.

What did they really expect they’d get from a disruptive president?

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Gov. Kasich was recently inducted into the Ohio Hospital Association’s Hall of Fame.
https://www.sunburynews.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/48/2017/08/web1_OHA.jpgGov. Kasich was recently inducted into the Ohio Hospital Association’s Hall of Fame.

Contact editorial writer Doug Clark at 336-373-7039 and dgclark@News-Record.com. Note: This column was written in July.