A day to strengthen our resolve


Sept. 11 was a day of remembrance, and a day to strengthen our resolve.

This 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers finds the memory fading for some. Others find it an inconvenient topic of conversation.

But I remember. I remember the horror, the numbness, the anger. And it does strengthen my resolve that America should remain ever vigilant. Freedom is the enemy of those who crave power and control and dominion, and America stands for freedom as no country ever has.

Even more, it strengthens my resolve that we must not let the dividers convince us to hate each other. Because I remember the police and firefighters who responded, many of whom died or are still dying, poisoned air trapped in their lungs.

I remember the Americans who opened their pocketbooks and their hearts to help people they’d never met. I remember a country that woke up from its slumber to remember what binds us together as Americans, a people undaunted.

Remember what happened to us, yes. But remember that, on that day long ago, we also remembered who we are.

Never forget.

Dave Yost

Auditor of State