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Viktor Giordano

Viktor Giordano

November Update

“The mission of the Big Walnut Eagle Strength & Fitness department is to enhance the student-athletes performance and experiences in the weight room and on the playing surface by meeting the needs of both the athlete and the sport.”


Monthly Quote

Your level of success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverance.

Weight Room Updates

  • The Winter weight room schedule is currently being implemented. If there are any teams that still have not contacted Coach Rittgers about beginning their winter training program, please reach out as soon as possible.
  • The Open Lift Program will be implemented here soon which will allow individuals who do not participate in a sport to train in the weight room twice a week at a designated time. As well, for those athletes who do not have a designated team lift, they are welcome to join The Open Lift Program. For more information about The Open Lift Program, please contact Coach Rittgers.

Big Walnut Athletes Training

  • Senior Tripp Merdeath and freshman Luke Chiles performs inverted TRX Rows during their upper body focus lift on a Thursday night.
  • The cheerleading squad continues to train during their in-season months. Maintaining their strength year round is important for these athletes from both an injury preventative and sport enhancement measure.
  • Matt Evans, a junior baseball player, is seen here performing a hex bar weighted carry with roughly 235 pounds. The weighted carry exercise is excellent for building full body strength and stability.
  • The boys lacrosse team performs their movement prep warm up prior to a Saturday morning lift. The stretch that these athletes are performing in the picture helps increase both hip and thoracic spine mobility.

Eagle Strength & Fitness Spotlights

Viktor Giordano



What do you enjoy about training?

I enjoy the chance to get better each day and prepare for the next baseball season.

What part of training is the most difficult?

Pushing yourself each and everyday especially with new exercises and techniques.

What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is the sumo deadlift because I think it is applicable to baseball with hitting and pitching.

Do you plan to continue exercising after high school?

Yes, I plan on staying in shape and physically strong after high school because it is important for my overall health.

Current Weight Room Schedule

The Big Walnut Eagle Strength Philosophy

The philosophy of the Big Walnut High School Strength & Fitness department revolves around three primary goals:

1) Enhance sport performance

2) Reduce the risk of injury

3) Improve the quality of health and well-being

The Big Walnut High School Strength & Fitness program will meet the training needs of the student-athlete and the sport along with the needs of the Big Walnut Athletic Department.


Aaron Rittgers CSCS, PES


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Viktor Giordano Giordano

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