One-handed player may make NFL

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A one-handed player has blown away NFL coaches at a talent scouting event. It happened at the NFL Combine, where the brightest young college stars bid to catch the eye of professional coaches.

Shaquem Griffin, 22, had his left hand amputated because of a condition he was born with. But his awesome display of strength and speed is now grabbing international headlines.

The Combine is where college players are given the chance to show off their skills in front of coaches from all of the league’s pro clubs. Shaquem only got a place at the trials after impressing at a college all star game, the Senior Bowl.

But he made the most of it, running the fastest 40-yard dash of any player in his position ever – 4.38 seconds. He also bench pressed a huge 102kg 20 times, using a prosthetic hand. His previous best was 11.

His achievements have got the world of NFL talking. He’s impressing big name pro’s too. Like JJ Watt from the Houston Texans and the Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman.

Mike Mayock is the NFL Network’s resident expert on young players.

“This is a legitimate football player,” he told the NFL website, adding “Hello! Are you kidding me? Wow. … He can run.”

Fans of the sport and journalists are excited about his future.

Shaquem’s performance is expected to get him a pro contract when the selection process gets underway in April.

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