Baseball season extended


COLUMBUS – The Ohio High School Athletic Association Board of Directors held its regularly scheduled April meeting at the OHSAA office. The following are highlights from the meeting. Complete meeting minutes will be posted at

  • By a 7-2 vote, the board approved a proposal from the baseball coaches association to extend the season one week, beginning with the 2019 season. The number of regular-season games permitted (27) will not be affected, but the regular season will be one week longer. The 2019 state tournament will be June 6, 7 and 8 instead of May 30, 31 and June 1.
  • The board approved the girls and boys basketball divisional breakdowns for the 2018-19 season, which include adjustments related to competitive balance roster data for the 2017-18 season. Note that the base enrollment data provided by the Ohio Department of Education does not change for 2018-19.
  1. 2018-19 Girls Basketball Divisional Breakdowns:
  2. 2018-19 Boys Basketball Division Breakdowns:
  • The board received the attendance and financial reports from the 2017 football playoffs. The overall attendance for the five rounds of the playoffs decreased by 34,106 tickets. The announced total attendance for the seven state championship games in Canton was 61,312, which was up from 55,421 in 2016 in Columbus.
  • The board received the attendance and financial reports from the 2017 cross country regional and state tournaments. The state tournament attendance at National Trail Raceway was 12,054, which marked the second-highest in OHSAA history.
  • Since the board’s last meeting, 12 member schools were penalized for committing infractions of OHSAA bylaws or sports regulations. The list of infractions and penalties is always included in the complete meeting minutes.
  • The board reviewed the schedule for the six upcoming OHSAA Athletic Discussion Meeting, which are held to provide updates to member school administrators and explain the referendum items that schools will vote upon in May. Details are at:
  • Details for the upcoming referendum voting period are posted at:
  • As a reminder, the list of upcoming open positions on the six District Athletic Boards that be voted upon this spring and begin terms August 1 are posted on the OHSAA’s DAB page at:
  • Dayton Public Schools and OHSAA Announce Closure to Dunbar Basketball Incident

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – Dayton Public Schools superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Lolli and Ohio High School Athletic Association Executive Director Dr. Dan Ross have announced closure to the case involving Dunbar High School boys’ basketball during the 2017-18 season.

    In March, Dayton Public Schools filed a lawsuit to block the OHSAA’s decision to remove Dunbar from the boys’ basketball tournament for using an ineligible player, which stemmed from Dunbar not suspending junior varsity players who left the bench during a fight in January. The issue was whether one player, who later participated in a varsity tournament game, left the bench during the fight. The court sided with Dayton Public Schools, stating: “In reviewing the record upon which OHSAA based its decision, the Court finds that OHSAA’s decision is not supported by reliable, probative and substantial evidence.” The court further found “thus, as Coach Taylor testified, John Doe was already in the locker room hallway before the fight broke out.” However, after the Court’s ruling, new evidence came to light, showing that the student-athlete left the bench and went into the fight.


    “I would like to thank Dr. Ross and the OHSAA for working with us to find the truth in this situation,” Lolli said. “It is concerning that individuals with information about the incident did not feel comfortable coming forward before the court hearing. We owe an apology to Bishop Fenwick High School, Thurgood Marshall High School and the OHSAA. We have taken corrective measures to address the situation. We appreciate the OHSAA’s cooperation and compassion during this situation. We know that removal of Dayton Public Schools’ membership in the OHSAA was an option.”


    “I was a superintendent for a long time, so I understand what Dr. Lolli has been going through with this,” Ross said. “Our staff was convinced by the evidence we had in making our original decision that the youngster came off the bench when the fight broke out. Once new evidence was obtained and shared with Dr. Lolli, she immediately knew that it was a very serious matter and wanted to work with the OHSAA to make the needed corrections. It has been a pleasure working with her and we trust that nothing like this will happen again at Dayton Public Schools.”


    Dayton Public Schools began reviewing athletic department structure and procedures immediately after this incident occurred. The District is in the process of making decisions about the athletic department and will be implementing changes over the next several weeks. Dr. Ross has been kept apprised of these discussions. DPS is committed to making certain that its coaches and administrators know and follow OHSAA rules, properly investigate incidents, and impose appropriate consequences for rule violations.


    In addition, the OHSAA has handed down the following sanctions. Dunbar will not be permitted to participate in the 2019 boys’ basketball tournament and Dayton Public Schools will reimburse the OHSAA’s court costs, fees and expenses related to the March hearing. In addition, the OHSAA has extended the current probation period that all Dayton Public Schools are currently serving from a football incident in 2016. That probation is now extended through June 2020 for all DPS schools and through 2022 for Dunbar.

    “For the last month, this has been an effort from both sides working together – the OHSAA and Dayton Public Schools,” Ross said. “I commend Dr. Lolli for working hard to do the right thing here and get to the truth. She cares deeply for Dayton Public Schools and understands how important this is for DPS moving forward.”