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10th Annual Chamber Golf Outing!

Join us at Royal American Golf Links for the 10th Annual Chamber Golf Outing on Friday, July 27th beginning at 9 am, immediately following the Quarterly Back-to-School Membership Breakfast! (7:30 a.m.-9 a.m)

* Shotgun start at 9 a.m.

Goody bag & prize donations welcome! Please email the Chamber office at

info@sunburybigwalnutchamber.com or call 740-965-2860 to donate.

Date: July 27, 2018

Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m. EDT

Website: http://www.sunburybigwalnutchamber.com

Location: Royal American Golf Links

3300 Miller Paul Road

Galena, OH 43021

Contact: Sunbury/Big Walnut Area Chamber of Commerce – 740-965-2860

Email: info@sunburybigwalnutchamber.com

Fees/Admission: Foursome: $320 early bird rate; $350 after 6/15

Corporate Foursome: $375 early bird rate; $425 after 6/15

Single player: $80 early bird rate; $90 after 6/15

Big Walnut Soccer Foot Golf Outing 2018

When: Friday, June 29th

3:30 p.m. Check In; 4 p.m. Kick Off

Cost: $30 per player – Teams of four – includes dinner

Hole sponsors $100

Prizes & 50/50 Raffle

*Bring #5 soccer ball and turf, indoor soccer or tennis shoes (No cleats permitted)

Registration or sponsorship: by June 29th

This event will be run as a competitive event, but the primary goal will be to have fun. This outing is open to all ages and skill levels.


Never played foot golf?

· The main goal of FootGolf is similar to the main goal of golf: to get the ball (a standard #5 size soccer ball) from the teeing ground into the hole (21 inches in diameter) in the least number of kicks possible.

· The Basic Foot Golf Rules:

· Review the score card and wait for your turn. Make sure your kick will not interfere with other players.

· Kick off your ball from a position up to two meters (6 feet) behind the tee markers.

· The ball must be played in a single movement. You are not allowed to push the ball with the top or bottom of your foot. Your foot should be set separate from the ball, clearly behind, before each kick.

· Wait to play until the ball has completely come to rest. (it is not legal to stop the ball from rolling with the wind).

· Play the ball from where it lies. You are not allowed to move the ball or remove jammed objects. Exception: you may mark the spot and lift the ball when it may obstruct the other player’s kick or ball in any way.

· The player farthest from the hole is the first to kick the ball.

· The order of play is established based on the score of the previous hole. The player with the best score will kick off first on the next hole followed by the second, etc.

· If the ball lands in a water hazard, retrieve or replace it within 2 steps from the closest land point from where the ball entered the hazard, receiving a one stroke penalty or you can place the ball at the position of the previous kick and receive one stroke penalty.

Out of bounds markers are annotated with white stakes. Place the ball within 2 steps from where the ball crossed between the white states receiving a one stroke penalty.

Questions: Jen Pry @ jenpry55@gmail.com

Table Rock Golf Course

3005 Wilson Road

Centerburg,OH 43011



Staff Reports