Blue Horseshoe Ventures Announces New Health and Wellness Partner and Reaffirms Commitments From Industry Leaders In Action Sports and Entertainment

Special to The Sunbury News

SUNBURY, OH – Today (Oct. 25), Blue Horseshoe Ventures, the sole ownership group and developer behind the upcoming action sports and entertainment destination in Sunbury, Ohio, announced an exciting partnership to build and operate a state-of-the art health, wellness and education center as part of the upcoming development.

“Our team is tremendously excited about this potential partnership with Blue Horseshoe Ventures and Tony Sekulovski,” Dr. Mary Jo Ruggieri of Health Futures – the Center for Integrative Health, Education and Wellness said. “This facility will bring health, wellness and holistic medicine on a never-before-seen level to anyone looking to improve their overall health. We’ve assembled an amazing team of medical professionals and experts who are bringing a fundamentally different approach to the way we look at healthcare.”

Dr. Ruggieri is part of the diverse team of professionals at Health Futures – the Center for Integrative Health, Education and Wellness.

Blue Horseshoe Ventures also released statements from industry leaders in action sports and entertainment reaffirming their commitment to move forward with the project.

“The Action Sports Agency and its alliance members consolidate the most reputable and prestigious lifestyle sports specialists, athletes and activations around the world,” said Brandon Lowery, Principal of The Action Sports Agency. “We remain excited to continue to work with the Blue Horseshoe Ventures team, led by Tony Sekulovski, to turn 350 acres in Sunbury, Ohio, into a premier action sports and entertainment destination.”

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the Action Sports Agency is one of the leading organizations in the world that provides strategic planning to companies developing action sports and entertainment facilities.

“UltraStar Multi-tainment Centers, builders of state-of-the-art entertainment destinations and its alliance members remain thrilled to work with Blue Horseshoe Ventures and Tony Sekulovski to create our most dynamic and ambitious UltraStar experience to date,” Adam Saks, President of UltraStar said. “Our company continues to work with the development partners to design cutting edge technology to fuel the exciting lineup of attractions planned in Sunbury, Ohio.”

While Blue Horseshoe Ventures hasn’t announced a definitive opening day for the project, all members of the development team remain hard at work to move from paper to ground as quickly as possible.

“Blue Horseshoe Ventures is determined to bring an exciting action sports and entertainment destination to Sunbury, Ohio,” Ryan Stubenrauch, spokesman for Blue Horseshoe Ventures said. “Our team looks forward to working more closely with Delaware County, Berkshire Township and the entire community to ensure that this project moves forward with everyone’s support.”

The naming contest for the project continues at, with October 31 the deadline for submissions. The project’s official name will be announced shortly thereafter.

Special to The Sunbury News