Cavs-Warriors repeat? Bring it on says Cleveland journalist


By Chris Parker - Guest Columnist

5 Things to Consider

It’s hard to argue that these aren’t the two best teams in the NBA. Isn’t that what everyone wants to see? Never had a three-match, so its historical, and the ratings – after last year’s records – are likely to be even bigger – like basketball’s Thriller in Manilla. Certainly each team has something to prove now.

LeBron works harder than anyone – and that creates peer pressure. Why guys like JR Smith fell in line. Why Deron Williams lost 20 lbs. after joining team.

It seemed like we had seen peak LeBron James in the last two finals, but the way he’s played in the playoffs this year is the best he’s ever played. Somehow he’s found another gear, now hitting 3s at one of the best rates in NBA to go with his life-imperiling freight train drives.

The cast surrounding LeBron is arguably his best ever; certainly it’s the best bunch of shooters he’s ever had between 7-footer Channing Frye, shooting 55% from 3, to former all-stars Deron Williams, Kevin Love, Kyle Korver and JR Smith. They are shooting 43% from 3 during playoffs so far, and the ability to stretch the floor has made them even more dangerous.

But most important thing is James has a Robin – a reliable sidekick that takes the burden off him, particularly at the end of the game which historically has been an issue with him, Game 4 in Chicago 2015 aside. Kyrie Irving is a professional scorer with the best handle in the game, and has proven himself one of the best, one-bucket-to-win options in the league. This allows James to worry more about facilitating than making a play, and in general he’s deferred, to obviously fine effect. But also having a coach with a similar background – single mom, small town kid – that trust is also important.

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By Chris Parker

Guest Columnist

Chris Parker is author of King James Brings the Land a Crown

Chris Parker is author of King James Brings the Land a Crown