Recycling bins gone from PJ’s

Shelia Hiddleson, Health Commissioner, Delaware General Health District, attended last Wednesday evening’s Sunbury Village Council meeting to update council members on Health District activities.

Hiddleson noted that recycling dumpsters serviced by the Delaware, Knox, Marion and Morrow Solid Waste District (DKMM) have been removed from behind PJ’s Restaurant.

The bins were formerly at the old IGA Plaza, then at Vineyard Church, before they were placed at the PJ’s location. Property owners at all three locations donated space for the dumpsters, but discovered that heavy trucks picking up and dropping off bins several times each week was damaging parking lot pavement.

Council members noted that Sunbury residents now have cost-effective curbside recycling options, but said they understand that the DKMM recycling bins were an eastern Delaware County resource used by many township residents.

“We’re actively trying to find a new location for the DKMM Recycling bins,” Hiddleson said.

Hiddleson added that Big Walnut area residents could use other DKMM bins in Genoa, Trenton, Kingston and Porter townships.

To locate a DKMM Recycling bin go to the Delaware, Knox, Marion and Morrow Solid Waste District website at < >, click Recycling, on the drop-down menu click Recycling Drop-off Locations.

Hiddleson also said the Health District is continuing its Ebola monitoring program.

“We are notified if anybody in Delaware County has traveled to a high, medium or low risk area,” Hiddleson said. “We have found no problems to date.”

The General Health District has started mosquito trapping to detect West Nile Virus, Hiddleson said, with no positive pools found to date.

“We spray only in response to disease,” Hiddleson said. “Spraying is the least effective deterrent to West Nile Virus. The most effective is to eliminate bodies of water. When we do spray we notify people by posting signs. If people call and say they don’t want us to spray, we honor that.”

Hiddleson said summer is tick season, bringing the possibility of tick related diseases. She said there was only one tick related disease last year in Delaware County in Orange Township.

In other business, Council members discussed solicitors knocking on doors in newer developments.

Sunbury Police Chief Pat Bennett said he was working on updating the Village’s solicitation ordinance with Village Solicitor David Brehm.

“Our ordinance is so old there are references to hand-drawn carts,” Bennett said. “We pulled similar ordinances from nearby communities. We want to create an ordinance that would protect our residents but not squash freedom of speech. I think we’re going to craft a very nice ordinance that’s community friendly.”

Bennett said if any Village resident does not want solicitors knocking on their door they can put up a No Solicitation sign.

Council member Joe Gochenour, who chairs Council’s Parks & Safety Committee, asked Council members if the Nazarene Church could remove dead and dying trees on Village property on the south side of the entrance to Freedom Park, adjacent to the church parking lot — at no cost to the Village.

Brehm said if the trees are removed by a licensed and boded contractor there would be no problem; if members of the church were to remove the trees they would be required to sign a waiver of liability.

Council members approved the request, pending legal approval.

Ordinance 2015-11 (an Annexation Agreement) and Ordinance 2015-12 (an Annexation Petition) remain tabled. If the annexation were approved the Village of Sunbury would extend to the west as far as 3 Bs and K Road. Up or down action is expected during the June 17 council meeting.

Sunbury’s website is located at < >. Sunbury Village Council meets the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m., third floor Council chambers, Sunbury Town Hall. Council committees meet one hour before regularly-scheduled council sessions. All Village Council and Council committee meetings are open to the public.